The history of Tessitura Pertile is a history of family, of territory and of the precious heritage in the processing of the finest yarns. It is the story of Chieri, a land of silk cultivation and textile tradition, that evolved into the production of the best fabrics thanks to the privileged relationship with the Royal House of Savoy, which commissioned the fabrics for its residences from the Chieri territory.

It is here that Marcello and Giuseppina Pertile gave birth in 1954 to a company capable of enhancing a culture of luxury, that is inseparable from ancient know-how. In almost 70 years of history, VITANOVA has grown in the wake of this heritage, innovating it with taste, creativity and with technical insights in the processing and in the production stage.

Today, Myriam, Marisa, Giorgio and Roberto Pertile, sons of the founders, lead a solid company with an entrepreneurial vision oriented towards the international dimension of the markets and the needs of prestigious furniture maison, great stylists and leading companies in distribution.

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