Vera Persiani

The story of Vera Persiani began in 1967 when Anna and Paola Persiani’s mother, Vera, moved from Livorno to Milan to open a linens shop. Located next to the family apartment, this is the place where she received her first customers for terry cloth, silk, cotton, and lace products.

Today Vera Persiani produces both household linens and intimates such as nightgowns and dressing gowns. Everything they craft is made-to-order, guaranteeing quality and attention to detail. The brand is specialized in satin stitch and chain stitch embroidery, both machine and by hand.

Since 2011, the 2 sisters have opened another shop on Via Guido D’Arezzo 11 in Milan. Paola deals with branding, visual merchandising, and also social media management. Anna, on the other hand, takes care of the administrative portion and international requests. When in the shop, they both serve and interface with clients directly.

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