Valentina Rangoni

Born in Florence, Valentina and Carolina Rangoni grew up with a passion for footwear passed down through 2 generations. In fact, the Rangoni brand is among the most historic and long-lived artisan shops in Florence, when Grandfather Ugo began producing handcrafted women’s shoes back in 1934. This laid the groundwork for the family legacy, continued by father Niccolò who in turn has been teaching his daughters the tools of the trade. With a deep admiration for everything to do with art, fashion, and craftsmanship, the sisters decided to create their own line in 2015—Valentina Rangoni.

Valentina and Carolina describe themselves as both curious and creative, having traveled the world and cultivated different interests. With combined experience in design, branding, and communication, they manage all the creative, commercial and administrative aspects of their brand. Valentina Rangoni produces comfortable and elegant shoes for women in soft leathers such as Italian Nappa and Chamois. A Valentina Rangoni shoe is for the modern, cosmopolitan woman who values not only quality but incredible style. They are also among the few Made in Italy manufacturers that make shoes both for size and fit.

MIRTA presents Valentina Rangoni

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