Considering the evolving COVID-19 situation, we want to share an update on Shipping and Customer Service to all of you.

During this period, we are continuing to operate safely. Moreover, we are taking multiple actions in order to keep supporting our Artisans while delivering the best possible service to our Customers.

Indeed, many of our Artisans had to temporary close their workshops or stores. As you can imagine, this can have a huge impact on a small family business. So, we are working closely with them to ensure they can keep selling their products on MIRTA also in these difficult times.

In particular, we are prioritizing the listing of all those products that can be shipped immediately while adding more of them on our platform day by day. In this way, we can enable customers around the world to shop online also in these times.

Moreover, we have updated all the product pages on the website to reflect the latest shipping times and delivery dates as well as made easier for you to browse through them and access this information. You can find at the top left of each product the following icons in order to highlight which product can ship immediately and which one requires to be crafted and so can take longer to be delivered.




Besides Shipping and Customer Service, we would like to share something deeper from the bottom of our hearts.

From the very beginning, at the heart of MIRTA’s mission, there was the idea of connecting humans. Our purpose is to create an online bottega where the relationship between the artisan and the client is at the core of the product.

We try our best to deliver this human connection at every step of the customer experience we designed. From the artisan pages, where you can find a video with their unique stories, to MIRTA Instagram profile, where you can find real snapshots of the locations where these craftsmen create such amazing products. From the letters you receive with your purchase, that are hand-signed by our founders, to the products themselves, that carries the signs and imperfections of products made by the hands of an Artisan.

In these times of social distancing, we believe that MIRTA’s mission of connecting humans is more important than ever. We strongly and deeply believe that to overcome these difficult moments we have to continue pursuing this mission, and for this reason we will, with unchanged commitment and even stronger passion.

As in Italy we say each other in these days: