Tredicinodi was born in Lucca in 2011, strongly desired by its founder Maicol Cecchi. Heir of three generations of Italian knitters, Maicol grew up among weaving machines and spools, learning from a young age to speak the language of wool, but most of all of Cashmere, that he loves and understands in a special way from the very beginning.

It is with a solid background of knowledge and with the love for the raw material that he decides to create Tredicinodi, a brand with a clear and precise vision: carrying on the art and the all-Italian tradition of handcrafted knitwear, preserving the value of the single garment.

Entirely hand-sewn and designed by Maicol himself, Tredicinodi’s garments are handcrafted starting from the creative intuition to the packaging of the finished garment.

A Tredicinodi sweater is therefore not an accessory that lasts a single season, but is a garment designed and created to accompany us throughout life, keeping intact its unique characteristics as only a high quality product can do.

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