Plinio Visonà

Plinio Visonà, founded in Vicenza in 1959 by the artisan of the same name, is a company that stands out for its continuity, quality and tradition. The basis of the vision and of each collection of Plinio Visonà is a strong and distinctive passion for bags.

Each Plinio Visonà bag is rigorously handmade by master leathermen, and condenses values ​​of tradition, culture and love for beauty. These factors have distinguished Italian fashion for more than fifty years and continue to outline the success of this brand.

Each of Plinio's bags is characterized by the patented "Selleria" seam, a true trademark of the company. Today the brand is managed in an innovative and cosmopolitan way by Plinio’s sons, whom are proud to share the Italian identity and craftsmanship all over the world.


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