Autore 1902

Autore 1902 has been manufacturing leather goods in the heart of Napoli from more then a century. From humble beginnings, Mario Autore was a young theater actor who made leather military garments and hunting accessories. With the onset of the first World War, the shop started to produce garments for Italian soldiers.

Some decades later, with Ugo Autore and his son Gennaro managing the shop, production expanded to also include fashionwear. Soon, they started making accessories for some of the biggest Italian and French fashion houses.

In 2012 twin brothers Fabio and Mariano Autore created the brand AUTORE, wishing to introduce the figure of the artisan into the fashion world and grant all artisans the recognition they deserve. All bags, belts and accessories are created exclusively in the family-run studio, by expert craftsmen who’ve passed down the tradition from generation to generation.

Autore 1902 products are truly unique thanks to the tireless dedication and passionate labor of the artisans. The historic shop offers simple and modern designs combined with over 100 years of experience and expertise. The Autore family continues to evolve and carry into the future the very values and Made in Italy excellence that they have always been known for, without sacrificing the essence of the trade.

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