In 1826, in Gambettola, a town in the heart of the Romagna area, the Pascucci family opened its workshop. They were a family of dyers who started their own fabric printing business; their workshop was stocked with hemp and linen, and vinegar smell filled the air.

Hand-carved wood blocks become the matrices for the creation of printed textiles. Wood carving, in the form required by block printing, is part of the heritage that the family hands down through observation and practice, knowledge of materials and passion: truly an art within an art!

Deep-rooted in its local community, the Pascucci family has passed its trade secrets, passion and creativity down through generations. The printing process remains the same still today, although renovated with new colours and designs, partly stemming from the collaboration with some artists who were spellbound by this traditional craft.

New technologies have had a marginal impact on Pascucci’s manufacturing processes. Dyes are still prepared according to an age-old (and secretly kept) recipe, and printing techniques have not surrendered to the hasty convenience offered by assembly lines and automation.

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