Giordano Parri founded his leather goods business in 1937 in a shop on Via del Moro in Florence. However, during the Second World War, he stopped working and enlisted as a sailor on the Giuseppe Garibaldi warship. After the war, he resumed his business working for retail outlets all over Italy, especially in Florence, Rome, and Venice. He also employed his older brother, Adriano, as a sales representative.

In 1954 he decided to open a shop of his own on Via Guicciardini 18/R, which still stands today displaying the Parri’s sign. Both the factory and the shop were very successful, and soon there were 20 workers in the factory and 7 sales assistants. Even the flood of 1966, which destroyed the ground floor of the shop, failed to hamper the steady rise of the business.

In the space of just a few years, clients from all over the world stopped by Parri’s during their visits to the city. This is because their products are crafted using only the finest quality materials and fine-tuned with all the professional expertise of the craftsman’s hands. Parri’s popularity soared and the brand quickly became the benchmark for the finest quality leather.


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