Luxury is emotion.

Wearing an exclusive accessory fulfills the desire to feel different and unique, on the one hand the object becomes part of one’s self and, on the other, the object speaks and communicates about the personality of the wearer, a luxury that is a search and a communication of one's own emotions and feelings.

Orequo aspiration is therefore to create objects that can arouse emotion, that speak of their history and the history of the wearer and can thus preserve an infinite value.

The stylistic canons, the conception and design of the products are decided in Bologna, a city where Orequo can find solid roots of the Italian cultural and artistic heritage and from which they continuously draw stimuli, influences and suggestions to realize their creations.

Behind every collection or single component of it there is a theme, a content, a subject, nothing is left to chance because Orequo aims to create something unique, having distant roots, but realized in a new and modern key.

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