Old Angler

Old Angler’s story begins in 1957, when Luciano Lucenti began his leather business in the heart of Florence. After the flood of 1966, production was moved to just outside the city in Pontassieve, where it still remains today.

In 1990 Luciano’s daughter and son-in-law, Elisabetta and Mario, joined the company and the historic workshop was transformed into a proper design studio. They decided on Old Angler as the name to always remember where they celebrated their honeymoon in Ireland—at the magical Old Angler Inn.

Since then, the brand has created unique and practical collections, reaching a number of markets both in Italy and abroad. Master craftsmen and tanners create elegant leather products, guaranteeing the finest quality and technique.

The company for many years has remained flexible and attentive to the current trends. It’s a joy for Elisabetta and Mario to make something new for their customers, but they also take great pride in being able to restore already-purchased items—essentially giving new life to them.

*This artisan is a member of the CNA association in Florence.


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