How Luxury will regain its Luster

by Martina Capriotti and Ciro Di Lanno

The Luxury industry is built on a paradox: “the more desirable the brand becomes, the more it sells but the more it sells, the less desirable it becomes”. This paradox entirely encapsulates why Luxury lost its Luster.

As Ms. Thomas egregiously detailed in “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster”, our generation has gone through a dramatic change in the concept of Luxury. It all started in the late 80s, when the small family businesses of beautifully handcrafted goods transitioned in global corporations. This transition shaped a shift from exclusivity to logos that are highly recognizable, from an emphasis on tradition and quality to an emphasis on growth and branding and profits.

Before, it was all different. High-profile luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci were founded in the 18th or 19th centuries by artisans committed to create beautiful, finely made crafts. At the time, the relationship between the artisan and the client was at the core of the product. The experience of being in the Bottega with the artisan and the privilege of having an object made just for you, gave the product a special value.

Instead, today, in order to maximize profits, many corporations look for ways to cut corners: they have begun to use cheaper materials, outsource part of the production in nations with cheaper labor cost (while finishing the product in Italy, to put the Made in Italy tag) and replace craftsmanship with assembly-line production. Classic goods meant to last for years have been increasingly replaced by trendy items lasting only one season.

MIRTA aims at reversing this impoverishment of Luxury, thanks to the opportunities opened by the internet and the possibility to directly reach global consumers with reasonable economics.

In Italy there are still thousands of small artisans with amazing craftsmanship capabilities. These artisans have always lacked the scale to sell their products globally, so they have produced as third party for big brands. But they are risking extinction because brands are squeezing their volumes and margins.

MIRTA is going to group together all these small craftsmen, to provide them the scale to compete with the giants of the luxury industry.

Mirta’s mission is to give luxury its luster back.

We envision a world where Luxury will not be signaled anymore by a price or a brand. We envision a world where Luxury will be signaled by quality, uniqueness and emotional connection, that we deliver through our products.

Each of our products is 100% Made in Italy, to emphasize quality. Each of our products is manufactured by hand by only one craftsman, to deliver uniqueness. Each of our products aims at connecting the customers with the artisan who crafted the object, to convey a human connection. Our customers feel the presence of the person that made the product and build with her an emotional connection.

At MIRTA we love craftsmanship. If you love it as well, join our mission and contribute to shape the future of the luxury industry.

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