Manifattura Wesp

Manifattura Wesp was founded in 2014, when Patrizia Priamo left her corporate job as Business Manager to follow her ever growing passion for knitwear and artisanal fashion. Her love for creating and designing clothes was inherited from her mother, a true expert in the field.

From the careful selection of raw materials to the production in historic Tuscan workshops, Manifattura Wesp ensures that quality standards are met for each and every piece. The company believes in balanced and sustainable consumption, hoping that their customers will wear their clothes for years to come. With a minimalist style and durable design, their collections are meant to last more than a season and past current trends.

The brand reflects not only Patrizia’s passion, but also her vision for the fashion world: to create long-lasting pieces of the highest quality designed to enhance the personality of each individual. Italy is so rich with culture and craftsmanship; Manifattura Wesp hopes to bring that to customers all over the world.

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