Luciano Gelisio

Luciano Gelisio personally designs and makes all his creations since the late sixties when he began to produce his own bags in London. After years of practice and growth as an artist, Luciano arrived in Tuscany, the heart of Italian leather and skilled tanners who are constantly improving the quality of the products.

Luciano opened a laboratory in Rosignano Marittimo, where he worked for more than 30 years to create a product of high quality and unique construction entirely Italian. Luciano has always maintained his identity as a craftsman, in the laboratory the bags are cut, assembled and sewn entirely by hand. The care and selection of materials are essential as he creates products intended to last and improve over time

Today we live in a world where many of the objects that surround us are manufactured in series. Unfortunately, we may lose the ability to recognize materials and high quality jobs. Luciano however, loves to try innovative forms and he renews his collections and produces unique pieces every year, for those who like to stand out.

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