Foodie means being in love with food, in the same way, Hoomie wants to represent the love for our homes, which is something most of the people have rediscovered over the past few years. That’s what guided Stefano and Alessandro to create a brand after being forced to return from abroad experiences during 2020.

Hoomie focuses on revitalizing the district of the slippers crafter in the province of Varese with attention to the design. In fact, all the slippers are made to express everyone’s personality, even when nobody's watching. The production process of the slipper is strongly and purely manual, given that the use of machinery is extremely limited. This factor ensures a unique level of fit and customization.

All the models are inspired by different types of houses or spaces in different languages ​​because all houses are united by the same essence: the place where we are free to be and to do what we like the most.

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