Giuseppe Stefanelli

Giuseppe Stefanelli is an Italian brand specialized in the production of luxury cashmere pants for women. Founded in 1980 by Giuseppe Aprile, the company is now owned and operated by his grandson, Giuseppe Stefanelli. Forty years later, a new brand was born that combines decades-old expertise and unrelenting passion with innovation regarding the use of cashmere fabric.

Production takes place in the historic center of Supersano, located in the southernmost point of the Apulia region. It is just a few kilometres away from Santa Maria di Leuca, which was named “De Finibus Terrae” by the Romans—where the earth ends and the two seas meet. All pieces are crafted according to the Apulian tradition and typical identity of tailoring artisanship.

The key principles underlying the company’s identity and philosophy are what make the brand so special. Careful research and selection of the finest cashmere along with exceptional craftsmanship are the essence of Giuseppe Stefanelli products, all influenced by the culture of the territory, company’s values and their know-how.

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