Giosa's origin has its roots in the history of the Santamaria family, when Giorgio’s father, Santo, opened a small leather shop in Milan in the 1950s. Giorgio Santamaria spent his childhood breathing this artisan world and made it his own by discovering and learning the skills and secrets from his father.

Through the years, Giorgio acquired a vast amount of know-how about exotic leathers and their unique traits. In 2004, he decided to open his own boutique in order to sell bespoke items that reflect the versatility and expertise of the artisans he collaborates with. Hence the Giosa project.

The hands of the artisans and their know-how are the great gifts that Giosa keeps in his workshop. The craft of the artisan cannot be taught, it must be stolen from years of coaching and the desire must come from the heart. It is the love and dedication that each craftsman shows in his work that gives the certainty that each creation is a unique piece.

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