Gaia Lumi

Gaia Lumi was born from the idea of ​​two young Italian digital and fashion entrepreneurs Filippo e Silvia who wanted to share their visceral passion for the Italian craftsmanship with the whole world.

Gaia Lumi was born in the darkest period for humanity represented by COVID 19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it has been seen by the two entrepreneurs as the manifesto of how Italians thrive among adversities channeling their energies toward a message of resilience, estro and audacity.

Gaia name, which takes its origin from the classical greek mythology, is associated with the God who gives life, sharing happiness and transparency. Gaia brand indeed paves the way for a new category of handmade products, entirely made in Italy with cruelty-free certified materials.

Lumi name, on the other hand, represents the light at the end of the tunnel, marking a new renaissance of humanity and Bel Paese stronger and more determined than before.

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