Franchini Mare

Passion for embroidery and love of anything beautiful run in the Franchini family. It all started with Sara Franci’s grandmother, who prepared bridal and newborn outfits right from her home eventually opening a small shop with the help of her daughter. The business was successful and soon evolved into a larger store, also offering handcrafted nightwear in both silk and lace.

It was here that Sara—starting from the tender age of 4—observed and learned from the family matriarch, eventually starting to embroider herself. Growing up she spent a lot of time in the store helping her grandmother and mother, especially after school. Soon the brand began producing personalized and made-to-measure linens for boating, a new and exciting sector.

Since then, Franchini Mare has specialized in tailor-made luxury boating, bed, table, and bathroom linens. For Franchini Mare, luxury means the highest quality of raw materials, impeccable execution, and—last but not least—functionality. The family wants their garments to be enjoyed, cared for, and loved for years to come.


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