Elena Sanguankeo

Elena Sanguankeo is a textile designer Born in 1982 in Bangkok, from italian mother and thai father. At 18 years old she decided to move to Italy for her education and graduates from the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome specializing in prints and textiles.

In her atelier, she creates different collections of fabrics, scarves and limited-edition textiles. All is strictly made in Italy with the hands of skilled weavers who also have the task of passing on the know-how to the new, more inclined to deal with traditional techniques.

Naturally, each piece is unique. Small differences are the unmistakable sign of manuality and stigma of value. Even the designs and compositions of the fabrics follow the logic of exclusivity and rarity: each piece made as it were a limited editions.

Continuous variety of technical yarns, shapes and colors follow a mandate of creative exploration that offers inspiration to the great international fashion companies.

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