EDA Milano

EDA Milano is a new brand launched by EnzodegliAngiuoni, a leading furnishing fabrics company in Italy. The brand is an evolution of a long-standing textile tradition, inspired by a contemporary style that is eclectically Italian—but most of all—supremely Milanese.

EDA Milano is just like the city its named after—trendy, captivating and exclusive. In fact, this exclusivity is what makes the brand so special—from the yarns obtained to the cutting-edge technology used.

EDA Milano has invested enormously in research and development for the production process of its blankets. Simultaneously adapting new methods while keeping to its roots allows the brand to deliver elegant, quality goods.

Through creativity and experimentation, boundaries are pushed and EDA Milano moves forward in the present-day. The result is a quality blanket that’s a hint of traditional, yet completely contemporary.

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