Built upon tailoring traditions with a contemporary focus and global mindset in the present-day, Double Venezia is a brand of creative and sustainable garments made from the finest natural fabrics. The companies they collaborate with respect the biodiversity of the pastures with which they work and implement a safeguard code so that shepherds use safe and ethical systems of breeding.

They specialize in both cashmere and wool, ultra-luxurious materials that are not only incredibly soft but also act as natural insulators for keeping the body warm. The dyes they use are all natural, devoid of added acids or other pollutants. In fact, a Double Venezia garment can be worn for a lifetime with the right care.

Another specialty of the brand is the double layer technique, a special tailoring process that allows separating the layers at the ends to create invisible seams—all crafted strictly by hand. This procedure dates back to the 1930s, a tradition that Double Venezia is proud to continue. The brand continues to experiment with new techniques and color palettes, but the dedication to slow fashion and desire to produce only the finest premium garments remain the same.

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