Doria 1905

The Doria brand was founded by Sabino D’Oria in 1905 in the heart of Salento. In 1937 the founder's son joined the family business and transformed the small workshop into a true company, naming it Sabino D’Oria e Figli. The company distinguished itself from the very beginning for its commitment to producing high-end caps and hats, all crafted by hand. Even today, what separates the business from the rest is the focus on product quality and material selection.

In 1997 Alessandro Gallo's family took over the company, and years later—in 2012—started on the ambitious project of rebranding and relaunching Doria, renaming it Doria 1905 to honor its history. The ethos of Doria 1905 is the continuous search for an organic partnership between traditional tailoring and innovative production techniques. It’s a task in constant evolution and improvement, where hats become not just simple headgear, but valuable and beloved accessories.

Unfortunately in 2016, Alessandro’s father and Doria patriarch, passed away. It was sudden and devastating for Alessandro, but—using the knowledge passed down from his father and experience acquired from university—he decided to take over the reins of the company. Losing such an important figure changed Alessandro deeply and pushed him, then more than ever, to fulfill a dream: bring the Doria 1905 brand where his father would have wanted, up high.


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