Del Santo

The history of Del Santo Cashmere began in 1999 as an artisanal production of high-quality knitwear for the best brands in the sector. Love for quality and dedication are the bases on which Del Santo was founded.

Passion, elegance and attention to the customer are the values of Del Santo. Their knitwear items are timeless, elegant, refined and able to overcome every trend or fashion.

The objective of the brand is to follow the tradition of craftsmanship, conveying the love for excellence to the customer and passing on this cultural heritage. The customer wearing the knitwear item becomes part of a tradition that values both quality and beauty.

The processing of cashmere is carried out by Umbrian artisans whom apply their knowledge in order to obtain a unique piece of knitwear. Their secret ingredients are expertise and artisanal wisdom. Each piece of knitwear evokes authentic emotions to whomever wears it.

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