Dalmo cashmere is the symbol of a family's devotion, which during the post-war crisis made tailored garments and small productions, by combining sartorial skills with the processing of manual hosiery machines.

With the economic boom the company had a strong increase, working for prestigious brands and exporting to international markets.

Today Dalmo cashmere continues to search for high quality fibers with a single specific purpose: the pursuit of the most authentic quality, combined with the creativity and perfection that Dalmo dedicates to each product.

The company has its roots in the same values that led every generation of the Dalmo family, never forgetting the small details that skilled hands craftswomen took care of. But Each generation is different from the other. Everyone cultivates their own dreams and wishes, trying to merge heart and reason with beauty and practicality thanks to the nobility of cashmere and other natural fibers.

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