Cuoiofficine was founded in Florence by Timothy and Tommaso Sabatini, two brothers who decided to turn their combined bags of experience, in both leather techniques and the family restaurant business, to something unprecedented. Fusing Timothy’s artisan background with Tommaso’s penchant for presentation, befitting of a restaurateur, the siblings' brain-child injects an innovative artistic approach into age-old leather techniques.
The bags are entirely designed, developed and produced in Florence with natural leathers of the highest quality. Cuoiofficine pursues perfection in every detail, but they care a lot to distinguish themselves by offering unique pieces entirely handmade, high quality products that last and become even more beautiful over time.
Three stitches and a half per centimeter, brass metal parts, external and internal metal zippers, border color obtained with more than five steps are just some of the details, synonymous of absolute excellence, that Cuoiofficine always wants to explain and communicate to their customers.

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