Coriu is based in Puglia, in the south of Italy and it is deeply inspired by its land.

Craftmanship is a core part of the Apulian tradition, wicker, wrought iron, stones, mosaic, terracotta, and embroidery, literally shaped the face of the region since ancient times. Coriu took that tradition, and translated that modus-operandi into a cutting-edge but yet classic design.

For its products, Coriu uses vegetable tanned leathers from Tuscany, which is the most sustainable leather, as it is tanned with vegetable extracts and minimize chemical and energy waste. In fact, the beauty of vegetable tanned leather lies within its evolution with time.

Like every living thing, vegetable-tanned leather changes in shape and color, becoming more and more beautiful with the passing of time, making this bags, environmentally friendly, elegant, and timeless.

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