Named after the etymology of cochineal (coccus) - a natural dye used in the past - Coccoy was founded in Bergamo in the early 60’ and it is focused on the production of textile products with natural fibers. From 1990, Paolo and his wife decided to continue his parents' project, with the aim of creating original, innovative, and quality items.

The brand combines tradition and modernity to create handcrafted class products. Coccoy is specialized in the production of home textiles and clothing, such as plaids, blankets, ponchos, and accessories - in cashmere and merino wool, both woven and knitted.

Passion is what distinguishes the brand and is present in every new creation: commitment, attention to detail, and design allow them to create articles designed for an audience that loves things done well. The mission of Coccoy is to make free time and relaxing moments pleasant for those who care about their well-being.


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