Cappellificio Biellese 1935

In 1935, 8 partners decided to join forces and found Cappellificio Biellese but it is in 2018 that the brand was taken over by a group of young entrepreneurs under 40. Based in Valle Cervo, a small valley in the north of Piedmont, it was created with the challenge to find the best Italian craftsmen in the art of hat-making. The brand focus on timeless models with a contemporary twist.

Thanks to their love for craftsmanship and their dedication to finding the best fabrics, they create elegant pieces that base their roots in the past. With accurate research through the archives, Cappellificio Biellese rediscovered pictures and patterns from the past that are reinvented and reintroduced in their collection. Their goal is not only to create unique pieces but also that everyone can notice them for the elegance and the quality of the finishings.

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