C.A.F. Cuoio Artistico Fiorentino

C.A.F. Cuoio Artistico Fiorentino was born from passion and competence of the Master Craftsman Vasco Capanni, who moved to Florence in the ‘50s to learn the trade. It’s a history of workshops and craftsmen, where manual work was handed down from the master to the pupil.

The workshops were places where ideas took shape and became incomparable items. The art of manufacturing of the Florentine “Cuoietto”, one of the best quality productions in the Florentine area, was born and developed in this context.

Vasco Capanni started working at a young age in one of these workshops, with Master Craftsman Rino Peruzzi. Here he developed his passion for this trade, manufacturing the different leather items. Here he learned the basic process for leather manufacturing: how to wet and pull it to give it the wished shape, how to dye it in the wished color, how to burnish and polish it.

The acquired experience allowed him to start his own activity and in 1956 he received the award of Master Craftsman at the Handcraft Exhibition in Florence. His products are since then well-known all over the world. The company received a decisive drive by the work of his son Fabio, who learned the skill from his father and brought in the company dynamism and visibility.

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