Bruno Parise

Bruno Parise's story began with the tradition of straw weaving—an ancient practice that incorporates creativity with artistry. After some success in the knitwear business, in 2012 he decided to start a new adventure with his own luxury brand—Bruno Parise.

Bruno Parise represents a new way to produce bags, under the manufacturing tradition of Veneto with an innovative twist. Handbags are crafted using a 18th-century treadle loom employed for the production of magnificent Venetian tapestries. The frame has been modified so as to weave thin strips of leather with a cloth made of the same color cotton threads—a technique that very few people have been able to use and master.

Bruno Parise's woven creations are masterpieces all on their own, abiding not only by the brand's Made in Italy excellence but also by the standards of sustainability. The secret to the brand's success is finding balance between passion and business, blending yesterday's cultural traditions with the digital world of today.

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