Boom Bag

Boom Bag was founded in 2015 by Alessandra Botto who really wanted a backpack convertible into a functional, affordable and nice-looking bag. She couldn’t find one, so she decided to make it. The result was the Big One; a backpack made out of a single cut of leather, folded and stitched on both sides and a detachable pouch, suitable to be used as a clutch. Basic but clever.

All of Boom Bag products are made from the big brands' surplus leather, minimizing environmental impact and waste, reducing carbon emissions and pollution. The most common alternatives to real leather are either made from PU, PVC or other composite microfibers producing many harmful toxins in the production process and they don’t fully biodegrade. Moreover, these alternatives will never last as long as leather does.

Boom Bag makes an effort to design timeless pieces that you can carry for years.

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