After working as a stylist and model maker in the world of fashion, in 2015 Milchela decided to found Boesia. Meaning ”one who helps”, the brand was named after her grandma and her dog. After getting a good response from a collection of sweaters for dogs in stretch wool fabric, she decided to test different materials. One of the brand’s goals is to find the best fit for dogs without mankind the dressing stressful.

The production is focused on sweatshirts created with certified fabrics and anti-grip technology so that the claws do not stick during dressing. The peculiarities of Boesia’s products are the practicality during dressing: they are wearable models over the harness thanks to the buttonhole on the back it is possible to attach the leash. Boeasia aims to put the dogs’ well-being at the center of their craftsmanship.

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