The story of Biancoperla began in Tuscany during the 1960s with family-run household linen door-to-door sales. During the summers, the door-to-door was moved to the shores of Tuscan beaches where Italian families vacationed. A decade later, the family opened its first shop and soon production was booming.

It wasn’t until 2012 that Simone and his brother decided to create their own linens brand, inspired by the family’s longtime passion and craft. They decided on the name Biancoperla: “bianco” meaning white in Italian and “perla” for pearl. For Simone the name transmits an idea of purity, perfection, and elegance.

In fact, Biancoperla specializes in quality and luxurious linens handcrafted by Tuscan artisans—all 100% Made in Italy. Every single product is unique and has its own peculiar characteristics, made from the finest materials including satin, silk, cotton, pure linen, and now even organic hemp.

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