For over 80 years the Rangoni family has been designing and producing handcrafted Italian footwear for women. Grandfather Ugo Rangoni, a young leather and women's footwear salesman, decided to open his own business and take over a factory in 1934. This eventually evolved into the first official Rangoni shoe factory, and from there Ugo began to craft high-quality women's shoes in mass.

Amalfi by Rangoni, designed specifically with and for the U.S. market in mind, was created in 1950. Then in 1973, Ugo’s son Niccolò took over and successfully consolidated the Amalfi brand in the United States. Their most iconic shoe, Orma, was conceptualized back in the ‘80s and is a casual yet sophisticated loafer, perfectly portraying the timelessness and versatility of the Amalfi brand.

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