Alessio Ravaioli

Alessio Ravaioli was born to propose a different philosophy of luxury: a versatile and transforming luxury, in which design and functionality are at the service of the most refined aesthetics.

Each object is developed starting from the concept of transformation to offer the maximum expressive possibility with a lower consumption of resources.

The Alessio Ravaioli bags are designed to be transformed in appearance. Each bag consists of the body, the panels and the accessories, all interchangeable.

Thanks to the application mechanisms, everyone can compose their own bag from time to time by combining materials, from the finest leathers to fabrics, to express their style or adapt it to any situation.

Each Alessio Ravaioli product is handcrafted on the Riviera del Brenta and expresses the constant search for qualitative perfection that distinguishes the true Made in Italy.

The materials and manufacturing are chosen to offer maximum durability of the product so as to accompany the wearer for a long time, transforming to accommodate the changes in their lives.

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