A.F.Maglieria Alberini is a family-run company that operates in the heart of the Po Valley, producing garments for the most prestigious clothing brands. Since the 1970s, the workshop has made a name for itself in the industry for its extreme dedication and attention to detail. Starting from the 2000s, the company chose to add its own line of knitted accessories that is sold both in Italy and abroad.

With the launch of the A.MANTÓ brand, the company’s goal was to attract new generations and share the genuine Made in Italy tradition, which they continue to do today. A.MANTÓ is a play on words—a reference to the verb "mantle", which means to wrap in a mantle, or to dress. A.MANTÓ also pays tribute to the beautiful, historic city where the brand was born—Mantua. Finally, the letter ‘A’ represents both the preposition and initial letter of the founders, because family is the core of the company.

A.MANTÓ is synonymous with an exclusive style—modern but timeless, emphasizing quality materials and careful inspection. The brand is committed to putting well-made products on the market, lightyears away from the uncontrolled mass consumption of today. Sustainability is at the heart of the operation and A.MANTÓ aims to return to the old-school ways of manufacturing, giving much-deserved value to the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

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