Women's Swimwear for Every Personality


Sun Jun 19 2022

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A Summer Swim Round-up to Satisfy Any Customer,
From the Quiet Type to Ultimate Trendsetter

Fashion is a form of self-expression; how we dress says a lot about who we are. Despite having to wear less, the warmer months are perfect for getting creative and pulling out some fabulous looks. Wherever you are in the world, whether it's the first day of summer or depth of winter, there are for sure customers out there dreaming about lounging pool or beachside.

That's why we've rounded up some chic swimsuit and cover-up options fit for every kind of personality, from the quiet type to the trendsetter. Stocking your store with such a vast selection of chic swim pieces will for sure allow you to attract and—most importantly—please more customers!

For the Quiet Type

This customer likes to stick to the basics and isn't too adventurous. She wears a lot of black and beige, sometimes even a touch of floral. Just like her fashion, she isn't very loud or talkative, but speaks her mind when she must.

For the Eccentric Lady

The eccentric customer loves to make a statement, especially with her clothes. Her closet is filled with various patterns, prints, and colors to reflect her outgoing personality. Every day is a new opportunity to whip up a unique look that no one else will dare to wear.

For the Fun Flirt

Playful and charming, this type of customer loves a garment with some feminine flair. Her clothes have a lot of ruffles, bows, and whimsical details. She's lighthearted and goes with the flow, just like the pieces in her closet.

For the Edgy Gal

This customer's fashion, like herself, is effortlessly cool. Similar to the eccentric lady, she's a fan of colors and patterns that might otherwise clash. She makes bold choices in life, as seen first-hand by what's in her closet.

For the Retro Lover

Nostalgic for anything that reminds her of past fashions, the retro lover watches film noir and shops vintage often. If she buys something new, the pieces should look straight out of a magazine in the '60s. This type of customer enjoys the simple things in life.

For the Trendsetter

This fashion-forward customer is well-versed in Vogue, yet is always one step ahead of the catwalk. She follows what's trending but tends to be more of a leader than a follower in general. Her style is undefined, but she prefers it that way.

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