Upcoming Color Trends for Autumn/Winter 22-23


Mon Jul 11 2022

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Meet the next season’s fashion colorway–with bold pinks,
vibrant greens, and tonal hues

This upcoming season’s colors are all but ordinary–forget the usual dark tones, the autumn/winter collections seen on the catwalk are flooded with sparkling, vibrant, saturated hues which will brighten your customers’ mood for the colder months.

We’ve rounded up a selection of upcoming color trends that cannot be missed in your shop this autumn and winter.

Vibrant Pinks

A bright and stunning color, pink in all tints and shades became the ultimate statement trend of the season. Make sure to include a few pieces in your shop display and grab your customers’ attention this coming autumn and winter. You can pick and choose from our collections to create eye-catching color-blocked outfits or select a few powerful accessories to add to your shelves.

Emerald Greens

Opting for a jewel-toned green can transform your shopping window and add unexpected pops of color to most basic outfits. You can find a vast selection of bags and accessories in our showroom that can surely be paired well with the variety of earthy tones of this upcoming season’s color trends.

Fun Purples

An enchanting violet shade made its way into autumn 2022 color trends. Used in dresses or subtle accessories, a soft purple tone can instantly lift the customers’ mood. While you’re at it, you can easily select some pieces for your spring offer, as this color can be uniquely transitional.

Blue Galore

Multiple shades of blue, from deeply saturated to pastel ones, were listed as color trends at Pantone. Why not add a few accessory and clothing options to your store in a bright aqua or pale blue to inspire your customers. You can pair them with soft pinks, neutrals, or vibrant orange pieces to create a statement display.

Tangerine Obsession

A fiery orange is another must have for next season, a warm tone that will add vibrancy to your autumn/winter offer. You can select some of our knitwear options, soft cashmere scarves, or transitional footwear to please your customers who want to keep up with the trends. Style it with creamy beiges and soft whites to create chic mannequins.

Not-so-boring Neutrals

Despite the overflow of exuberant shades, caramel hues and creamy whites were also spotted on the runaways for next autumn/winter, so you can safely add coats, knits, and accessories in these neutral shades to your seasonal offer. Mix them with any of the other colors to create a sophisticated yet eye-catching store window that will satisfy any customer.