The 2022 Jewelry Trends Your Customers Will Love


Fri Oct 07 2022

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The Trending Jewelry to Stock Up On for Your Store's Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

In that thriving bubble that is the world of fashion trends, jewelry is a thing of its own. Differently from what happens with clothing and accessories, jewelry trends are not shouted out as style rules of the season: they’re subtle and silent, to be interpreted personally and with the utmost grace. Jewelry adorns our skin and, very much like perfume, it’s an intimate matter.

With this in mind, however, there are some jewelry styles that have been seen on all AW22 catwalks, emerging as trending for the season. From maxi bangles to fringes and charms, we have rounded up eight new jewelry trends that your customers will most certainly want to wear this fall 2022. Make sure to include them in your store collection, leaving space and freedom for your customers to make them their own.

Cuffing Season

When it comes to bracelets, the bigger the better. Bangles and cuffs were everywhere on the runway, sometimes worn on their own as standout pieces or stacked on top of each other for a stronger visual effect. If your clients are looking for bracelets that are trending, suggest they try out this style.

Color Beading

Not for summer only, colorful beads are a fun way to inject some brightness into winter outfits. Tiny and delicate, they don’t take the focus away from other statement accessories and work as gentle touches of color. This is one of those teenager jewelry trends that the parents among your customers will love buying for their daughters and sons.

Pearls of Wisdom

Oysters have opened up this season to reveal bigger-than-usual pearls. Round, shiny and huge, pearls are adorning statement necklaces and trending earrings. This fashionable jewelry is great to have in store as it’s timeless and elegant, a great choice to satisfy your most refined customers.

Fringe Benefits

Made to swing on the skin and move along with the body, fringe pieces are the trendy jewelry that winks at the roaring ‘20s and calls for glamorous dancing nights. Carefully applied on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even rings, fringes are bringing some old-flavored fun to this season’s trending jewelry scene.

Natural Beauty

The sweetest among the handmade jewelry trends for 2022 is definitely the one that takes inspiration from the natural world— flora and fauna alike. Leaves, flowers, and small animals are breathing new life into delicate jewelry pieces that will suit customers of all ages.

Charming Charms

Small but mighty, charms have walked down the catwalk as talismans to hold and trust. They come in different styles and shapes, touching the skin with their galvanizing dual power: the one of bringing frivolous adornment and lucky energy at the same time. Pretty special, uh?

Chains of Freedom

Among the most trending necklaces of the season, we could not leave out chains. They come and go every couple of years, but they are definitely going to be big this fall/winter. In gold, silver, or brass, chunky chains add a punchy touch to any look and are perfect for those customers with a rock-n-roll soul.

Big Statements

Not a real trend on its own, but rather a category that every store should stock up on, big statement earrings are the most immediate way to add some character to a basic look. They’re great to transition from day to night, but work equally well with eye-catching outfits for a maximalist effect. Versatile and easy to wear.

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