Five Late Summer Accessories to Have in Store


Wed Jun 29 2022

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A Selection of Trendy Pieces to Refresh Your Mid-Summer Store Offer

Summer shopping is in full swing and with customers planning last-minute getaways, refreshing your store offer throughout the summer can be a good idea, so as not to get your loyal clientele bored. To help you gather some inspiration, we rounded up a list of five late summer accessories to have in store. And with our quick delivery windows, you can have them on the shelves in just a few weeks.

Bucket Hat

Not as summery as a straw hat yet perfectly suitable under burning sun rays, the bucket hat has come back strong this season- straight from our childhood memories. It gives a trendy touch to any look and it’s a great late summer option, especially when in lightweight fabrics such as hemp or nettle. The perfect choice for your most edgy customers.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

A pair of cat-eye sunglasses goes a long way. Flattering and fun, they frame the face nicely and inject a certain cool attitude. Leave the most classic styles aside and suggest to your customers some unique takes on the shape- unconventional and modern.

Hair Scarf

With a retro appeal that never gets old, hair scarves are a glamorous alternative to hats. They can protect from the sun during the day, or add a colorful twist to any look at night. Guide your customers in choosing the right color palette for their skin and hair tone, and make sure to give them some styling tips with the help of our article on How to Wear a Silk Scarf.

Cotton Tote Bag

Roomy and versatile, a cotton tote bag can serve your customers up until the very end of summer, both on vacation and in the city. It’s less seasonal than a raffia bag and often lighter too. Make sure to display them on the shelves with paper inside, to enhance their shape and capacity.

Fine Jewelry

Everyone knows that fine jewelry looks great on suntanned skin. For this reason, the end of summer is the perfect moment to stock your store with golden treasures, while waiting for customers to be back from their beach vacations. Suggest stacking their favorite pieces of jewelry together for a bolder look.