Founded in 2021, SONOYO is the result of the creative encounter between two multifaceted, talented personalities: the designer Silvia Scaramucci and the expert in communication, public relations, and event organization, Maria Chiara Arona. The company is based between San Benedetto del Tronto, where the design and development of their bags takes place, and Milan, for all activities related to communication and public relations.

SONOYO offers a collection of unique, high-quality bags, designed to be adapted to the moment, by simply changing the cover or the shoulder strap. Their products aim to reflect all the facets of the wearer’s way of being, expressing one’s personal style. The brand focuses on the careful selection of materials and the high standards of manufacturing, creating truly unique pieces which are elegant and versatile.


Situated in Central Italy, Marche is a small region with plenty to offer. Ancona, its capital, was founded by the Greeks and remains a crucial Adriatic port.

Majority of Marche is either mountains or hills with a sprawling coastline of 180 kilometers/112 miles long. The velvet sand beaches of Senigallia are a popular destination, along with Conero Riviera, named after the mountain that sits atop this stretch of sea. Painter Raphael was born in the Renaissance town of Urbino, while the seaside city of Pesaro is the birthplace of opera singer Gioachino Rossini.

The region continues to attract many visitors each year. Aside from tourism, Marche is known for its artisanal shoemaking tradition.