Nick Bronson Italia has been producing ties and scarves in Milan since 1948. Isaac Cohen, founder of Nick Bronson, wanted to bring an international flair to the company with an Anglophone name. The use of fine yarns, such as printed silks and jacquards, have allowed the brand to amass quite a prestigious clientele in the fashion world.

Some of the main reasons for Nick Bronson’s success are the punctuality in deliveries, a very convenient price-quality ratio, and a made-to-measure offer that satisfies most of the requests of customers. Today Paola, Massimo, and Alberto Cohen manage the company, continuing to foster close relationships and deliver impeccable service to their clients.


Lombardy is a northern Italian region that is also the leading industrial and agricultural engine of the country. It also boasts the largest population of all the regions in Italy.

Its largest city, Milan, is Italy’s financial and fashion capital. The stunning cities of Brescia, Pavia, and Mantua offer itineraries rich in history, art, and architecture. For nature lovers, Valtellina is the ultimate mountain destination while the stunning Maggiore and Como Lakes are for rest and relaxation.

There are 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the region, including The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Another must-see Site is the Venetian Walls in the medieval city of Bergamo that date back to 1561.

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