Designer and craftsman from Trieste, Marco Trevisan has always demonstrated innate creativity and sense of style.

Marco believes in craftsmanship, beauty and passion, and his work is continuously moving in those directions. In constant pursuit of perfection, he experiences new styles, materials and processes to achieve real luxury.

Each piece is created with special care and attention. All steps are made by hand: from design to pattern to finished product.

Design, and attention to detail make objects essentials and unique, and Marco has made this statement a philosophy of life. If you love craftsmanship and thrive for more beauty, get one of the unique pieces handcrafted by Marco Trevisan.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Bordering Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east, Friuli Venezia Giulia sits in the northeastern corner of Italy. It has 4 provinces: Trieste, Udine, Pordenone, and Gorizia.

With the Adriatic Sea to the south and Dolomite-dominated landscapes, this land has a lot to offer. Its capital, Trieste, is a timeless beauty with its elegant cafés, neoclassical architecture, and lovely views of the gulf. Another must-see destination is Aquileia, an ancient Roman city declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The region’s economy relies mostly on manufacturing, tourism, agri-food, and shipbuilding industries. Despite being the 4th smallest region, it plays a significant role in global trade.

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