The Company was set up in 1986 by Carla Coppari and by Stefano Romani and owes its name to the giant trip-hammer in the “Società delle Fucine” steel mill, that beating heart of the city that was a metalworking centre of worldwide importance at the beginning of the last century.

A few years later, with the arrival of a new partner, Roberto Coppari, Majo moves important steps in the national market, directing their core business on bags.

The challenge of the three partner was to track down expert local workers and identify methods traditional to this area as a starting point for a collection with modern and current taste.

Absolute craftmanship, rigorous selection of raw materials, exclusively Italian production. With these principals always at the heart of the Majo philosophy, the company has grown and developed, constantly making a name for itself.


Umbria shares borders with Tuscany, Marche, and Lazio. It is an enchanting territory filled with medieval villages and picturesque hilltops.

The region’s valleys, rivers, lakes, and plains render this land truly breathtaking. The towns of Orvieto, Spoleto, and Assisi are delightful destinations for sightseeing. Perugia is the region’s capital and also steeped in history, with origins dating back to the Etruscans. The city is also the home of the Baci chocolate brand, the most famous chocolate in Italy.

Another itinerary is discovering the famous wine roads that trace back to ancient Rome. This journey to the finest wineries in the region blends history and nature with gastronomical tradition.

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