Ida De Rosis
Ida De Rosis


Ida De Rosis is an architect with a passion for fashion, especially handbags. She grew up in Calabria in a family which has transmitted to her the taste for beauty and well-made things, a taste that she has perfected in Florence, where she graduated. After several years dedicated to the professional activity she began to design bags, just for fun, and in 2012 founded her own brand.

The hallmark of De Rosis is to join art and fashion in her products, manufactured with the utmost care and with the best materials, where luxury does not depend on a label, but on the quality, originality and the aesthetic. Without compromise.

The ideal customer of De Rosis is a woman who wants style and fashionable accessories that compliment the person who does not need to wear a label and choose to wear an item to emphasize her good taste.

For De Rosis choosing a bag is similar to choosing a work of art for a home, a beautiful painting or a sculpture that gives emotions and talks about you.