Gianni Segatta discovered the leather world during his childhood, learning the art of artisanal shoemaking. During his youth, he was inspired by the vibrant artistic environment of the ‘70s.

In 1974, he started to create exclusive bags and leather accessories in his atelier in Venice. His brand comes from a lifelong passion for leather and craftsmanship.

Every creation is original and unconventional, reflecting temper and personality rather than the fashion trends. Each product is 100% handmade, following traditional techniques and using machineries as little as possible.


Situated in Northeast Italy, Veneto is split into 7 provinces and has a population of 4.9 million. The region’s rich, diverse topography make it an attractive destination for Italians and international visitors alike.

Veneto is also one of the country’s largest wine producers, best known for its Prosecco. Throughout history, much of the region was under the control of the wealthy and powerful Venetian Republic. Venice, the region’s capital, was once a major trading center and remains today one of Italy’s most visited cities.

Other must-see cities include Verona, Padua, and Vicenza. Lake Garda’s charming towns are popular summer destinations, while the Dolomites offer winter wonderland fun.

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