Longtime business partners from 2006 after opening Moda & Servizi Srl, Elisabetta Beccegato and Anita Ghin decided to create a new Treviso-based women’s brand in 2019. Eliani takes its name from the initials of the two founders, a brand that connects the history of a territory and the artisanal authenticity that can be found in it.

In fact, Elisabetta and Anita wanted to leverage their wide-ranging skills and experiences to create something that gives value to each step of the garment-making process, from planning and vendor selection to procurement of fabrics and accessories. Every Eliani piece conveys thoughtfulness and timelessness as well as respect of nature and people.


Situated in Northeast Italy, Veneto is split into 7 provinces and has a population of 4.9 million. The region’s rich, diverse topography make it an attractive destination for Italians and international visitors alike.

Veneto is also one of the country’s largest wine producers, best known for its Prosecco. Throughout history, much of the region was under the control of the wealthy and powerful Venetian Republic. Venice, the region’s capital, was once a major trading center and remains today one of Italy’s most visited cities.

Other must-see cities include Verona, Padua, and Vicenza. Lake Garda’s charming towns are popular summer destinations, while the Dolomites offer winter wonderland fun.

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