Daniel & Bob

Daniel & Bob was born in Ferrara in the early '70s thanks to the initiative and creativity of 2 young men, Daniele and Roberto. Both passionate for leather, they began making belts and bags that soon became a hit by their family and friends. One of their friends, Andrea Bortolotti, was fascinated by the endeavor and decided to join them. More friends were added to the group later on, and this improvised hobby evolved into a real and true profession. A sort of 'Leather Club' was formed and very soon the word-of-mouth rewarded their talent with an increasing number of clients. Andrea believed in this project more than anybody, so in 1975 he decided to leave university and dedicate himself fully to the new brand, Daniel & Bob. He decided to keep the name to honor his friends who first started on this path. Proud of its origins and passion that have characterized its story until now, Daniel & Bob combines the values of tradition and experience with the courage of innovation.