Corîu was formed in 2019 in Acquaviva delle Fonti in the region of Apulia. Giordano Lapegna, founder and designer, has deep roots in the leather industry that go back generations starting from the late 1800s. Corîu’s collections are influenced by the uniqueness and beauty of Apulia, rich in history and culture. The brand translates these ancient traditions into pieces with classical and timeless designs.

A Corîu bag represents the family’s origins, passion for Made in Italy, pride in local craftsmanship, and leather goods expertise. It is meant to last over time, designed for the dynamic person who feels at ease switching between business meetings and everyday commitments, not forgetting that fashion is a matter of style. These are the cornerstones of Corîu’s luxury philosophy.


Apulia, the ‘heel’ of Italy, is one of the richest archaeological lands in the entire country. During the 8th century BC, this area became a Greek colony.

With the longest coastline in all of mainland Italy, Apulia is a top summer destination. The southern area of Salento boasts spectacular beaches and unique traditions. Lecce, known as the Florence of the South, is an open-air museum with its Baroque architecture. Polignano a Mare charms with its cliffside views, while the ‘trulli’ of Alberobello in the Itria Valley are a must-see.

With 60 million olive trees, Apulia supplies around 40% of Italy’s olive oil. Other regional specialties include meat bombette, panzerotto, and pasticciotto.

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